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Holland America Line: the ultimate five-volume HAL-150-Jubilee Series

“To the New World and Beyond – Emigrants, Cargo, Passengers and Guests”

Albert Schoonderbeek & Nico Guns

More than 150 years ago in the port city of Rotterdam a group of business companions and steamship pioneers had a bold vision: to establish a steamship connection that would be ‘a bridge across the Atlantic Ocean’ between The Netherlands and North America. They founded a shipping company, first in 1871 and later again in 1873. Then the company was named: ‘Netherlands-American Steamship Company’ (NASM). It expanded quickly to offer steady and regularly scheduled services. In 1896 the NASM-company added ‘Holland America Line’ (HAL) to its name. HAL evolved into one of the world’s most successful cruise lines.
Those 150 years of exciting maritime history are vividly described and richly illustrated in this set of five books, eminently researched and written by the two top experts in the field of HAL history. The series covers a wide range of topics and shows thousands of photos not included in previous books about HAL.
With a foreword by Mr. Gus Antorcha: President of Holland America Line, the series is published on occasion of Holland America’s 2023 Jubilee Year.
Volume 1 presents the detailed all-over “Chronicle of 150 Years of HAL History”.
Volume 2 “Particular HAL History Topics” contains a multitude of highly interesting historical issues never before covered in any other HAL-history book.
Volumes 3, 4 & 5 are the “Pictorial History Companions” of volumes 1 & 2. They contain thousands of rare and special photographs sourced from historical archives from all over the world; all images accompanied by highly detailed expert captions.
For the complete set of volumes a representative hardback book-cassette will be made available.
About the Authors:
Capt. Albert J. Schoonderbeek BSC. MNI. decided to go to sea when he was seven years old. He studied at the world’s oldest Maritime Academy in Amsterdam. HAL promoted him to captain in 2000, and to Fleet master in 2014. He has published many books and articles about the history of Holland America Line.
Dr. Nico Guns Ph.D. studied at the Universities of Leiden and Amsterdam. For many years he was involved in scientific research into social and psychological aspects of the Royal Netherlands Navy. He has published many books and articles about the Dutch Merchant Navy in the period 1860–1960.

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