Non Illegitimus Carborundum
Roel Valbracht

During the school summer holidays of 1964, Roel Valbracht became acquainted with shipboard life on a HAL ship, more specifically in the engine room of the Westerdam (1946). This voyage was the reason for his career: he became a marine engineer for HAL and did a variety of different and interesting jobs, sailing on a diverse range of ships in his employment with HAL. In this delightful and very easy to read book he gives an anecdotal account of this life on ships. He is not only a skilled marine engineer, but also a very talented writer.
Ship lovers who love fascinating, lifelike stories and who have a warm heart for the Holland America Line, should definitely not leave this highly interesting book unread.

PB – 130 pages – with a multitude of very interesting illustrations – English expert text

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