Photographic History ss Nieuw Amsterdam
Nico Guns

The book, “Photographic History dsts Nieuw Amsterdam” is a compilation of 1,500 of the most interesting, unique, never before published images taken from the seven-volume series about this famous and beloved Dutch HAL ocean liner (1938-1974). The English text tells the complete history of the ship in striking and detailed captions. This hardbound book of 750 high-quality pages is definitely a must-have for ship-lovers world-wide.
From the six-volume book “dsts Nieuw Amsterdam”, 1,500 of the most interesting images were selected for this 750-page book. The images together with their captions, tell the entire life story of this majestic, world-famous flagship of the Dutch merchant navy. This is an outstanding and beautiful book of encyclopedic caliber.

HC – 750 pages – 1,500 images, English expert captions that tell the complete story of the ship – Maritime History

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