Ships in Port – Volume 1
William H. Miller

This book, Ships in Port – volume one, includes recollections of a diverse group of passenger ships. Growing up and living very close to New York harbor, the author had a front row seat, a crow’s nest view, of the seemingly endless ships that arrived and departed. And also he had the opportunity to visit many of them – and to even sail aboard!

This volume, the first in a set of three, includes a range of ships – from the larger, well known transatlantic liners Leonardo da Vinci, Constitution and Queen Elizabeth 2 to the far smaller, probably less remembered Castel Felice, Liguria and Rosa da Fonseca. The author’s recollections are often woven into the histories of these ships. Altogether, it creates a fascinating compilation of ships, their stories and photographs of them.

PB – 165 pages – richly illustrated with 220 images – English expert text
Maritime history

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