SS Rotterdam – A World-Class Heritage (2019)
Arnout and Nico Guns

IN 1938, the Holland-America Line (HAL) commissioned the design of a spectacular new ship that would become a ‘running mate’ to the immensely popular ‘Nieuw Amsterdam’. With the onset of World War II however, further development of the ship was placed on hold. When economic conditions improved after the conclusion of the war, work continued and in 1955, the construction order to build the new ship was let.

On September 13, 1958, the ship was christened and launched by Her Majesty Queen Juliana of the Netherlands. The ship was named ‘Rotterdam’, the fifth in the long line of HAL ship’s to carry that illustrious name.

The new luxury steamship established a new standard in ship design. The Rotterdam was a ground breaking vessel, and her appearance, although controversial at the time, set a new standard for cruise ship design and construction that has continued to the present day.

Today, fully restored to her former magnificent glory she is experiencing a new ‘golden age’ at her mooring site at the Rotterdam 3rd Katendrecht Head.

This wonderfully illustrated English language edition provides an engaging biography of the SS Rotterdam that takes the reader on an incredible journey beginning in 1938, when the idea for the ship was first conceived until its final return to its home in Rotterdam as a national treasure. The book will appeal to anyone with a curious heart and a deep interest in this magnificent ship.

HC – 160 full color pages with many unique photos; English expert text
Maritime history

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